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Rules & Regulation

  • For new students: A student is admitted in the school or college section on condition that he/she bind himself /herself to abide by the following terms and conditions.
  • In case of infringment the Principal of the concern section has the sole discretion for penalties, which shall not be challenged any where.
  • Academic neglegence:
  • A student is required to qualify each monthly and qurterly test. 60% marks are required for qualification of these tests.
  • Only those students will be promoted to next class who get at least 60% marks as a aggregate.
  • Students getting less than 60% marks will be considered as failed, and will be repeated in the same class.
  • Breach of discipline:
  • For minor offences the kind of penalty will be for corrective purposes, that will be!.
  • Detention, fine ,taking psycotreating classes, socail work a day inside the premises of the school or in any welfare organization.
  • Major offences:
  • Cheating, stealing in the school, using absusive language, immoral conduct Misbehaving with staff members.
  • Damaging the school property.
  • Keeping mobiles phone, CDs, knives or other type of dangerous weapons in the premises of the school or college.
  • Continously keeping Poor performance in academics.
  • Unfunctual and absenting for six consecutive days without permission of the principal.
  • Smoking or keeping norcotics or other type of undesireable drugs in the premises of the school and college.
  • Quarrling with other students in the premises and outside the school/college.
  • Attendence less than 80%.
  • Intentionally remaining absent for two consecutive monthy tests/one quarter test.